Winter Birds of New Brunswick

Basically all the typical New Brunswick winter birds have arrived in the past few weeks even though winter hasn’t really made up its mind yet. There isn’t much for snow and still a decent amount of open water along the Saint John River. They’re saying overall that our winter shouldn’t be as cold or have as much snow compared to the past few years. I’m hoping it stays that way especially for the upcoming Christmas Bird Count.

There have been reports of Pine Grosbeak, Northern Shrike, Common Redpoll and White-winged Crossbill. I hope to see all of those eventually. I did see an Evening Grosbeak last week and a Red-bellied Woodpecker, but didn’t get a picture of either unfortunately. I posted four pictures below of species that are all over NB right now (the American Tree Sparrow I just saw in my yard today).

I should correct myself actually as “typical NB winter birds” for this winter are really everything that we got to see the year before last. That is the way it often goes here in New Brunswick. Last winter there were very few reports of crossbills, grosbeaks or redpolls so this winter is already looking to be filled with much more of a variety and larger numbers for the Christmas Bird Counts. The one I will be taking part in will be December 20th so that will be the topic of my post next month.


American Tree Sparrow – last winter I really only saw two types of sparrows around, this one and junco’s


Bohemian Waxwings – I saw a dozen for the first time this winter last weekend


Dark-eyed Junco – The highest I’ve had so far this winter is 12 in my yard


Gray Jay – last winter I saw five all in the same area


Rarities for November

Scarlet Tanager –

Redhead –

Painted Bunting –


I can once again close by mentioning that the Carolina Wren was still around as of this past Tuesday. It is now over three months that I have heard it early in the morning as I am leaving for work or I’ve noticed it quickly coming and going from the suet feeder. I can’t help but hope it sticks around for the CBC!

Until next time,

Nathan Staples

About Nathan Staples

I am a public school teacher who has always lived in New Brunswick. My wife and I have three boys who love to watch birds nearly as much as I do. We currently live in the province's oldest town, Woodstock.
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2 Responses to Winter Birds of New Brunswick

  1. Thank you for commenting Josh. It is nice to hear what is going on elsewhere in Canada. Between seasons I check ebird to see what species are coming my way. This blog is a great way to see actual pictures of birds though instead of mainly data.

  2. Josh Janvrin says:

    Thanks for the writeup, Nathan. It’s always nice to hear what’s going on in other parts of Canada on the birding front. All our winter birds are here in Cochrane, Ontario as well, although no rarities to be found for the last couple of weeks. Look forward to hearing from you again soon.