Where Have All The Blog Posts Gone?

Regular readers of this blog are no doubt wondering where the words went. I’ve gone from three or more posts a week, to only one on Friday, but I have a good reason.

It’s November.

I truly hate this month. Not only does it start off with losing an hour of daylight in the afternoon (which should be outlawed, by the way), this is the month we’re hit with the reality of a Canadian winter. No sun for days on end, frigid temperatures, wind, and yes of course, it’s going to snow as well.

As I’m writing this on Monday afternoon, we’ve reached our daytime high (?) of minus 21C, or about -6F. Oh. Goody.

I open one bleary eye in the morning and glance at the window. It’s grey out there. I roll over and go back to sleep. When I eventually pry myself out from under the covers, there’s not enough coffee in the world to get the mind working in November.

Each year at this time I’m reminded I’m part bear. All I want to do is sleep – 24 hours straight would be good. It’s tough to work up a good blog post when you’ve made a pot of coffee but forgot to put the water in the coffee maker.

Needless to say, November is not my most productive month. Sleeping late is generally followed by an afternoon chair nap, and an early bedtime. Repeat.

It doesn’t help at all when I’ve got three fur babies – two cats and a dog – spending their entire days like this. Sigh.

Being a little slow on the uptake lately, I’ve spent many hours just staring out the window at the huge poplar tree in our front yard. There are currently four bird feeders there, and the activity level is very high. In a very short time I can see house sparrows, house finches, black-capped and mountain chickadees, red and white breasted nuthatches, downy and hairy woodpeckers and northern flickers. Overhead we have ravens, black-billed magpies, Canada geese and the occasional bald eagle. The tree is also the diurnal roost and feeding area for four mourning doves who appear to be overwintering in the yard.

We’re almost out of this dreaded month, and I can see signs of life returning. Last weekend, my bleary brain was watching at all the fluffed up, frozen birds out there and the thought “I should be taking some pictures” penetrated my conciousness. Clearly, the brain is starting to work again.

So there should be some blog posts coming shortly. Just as soon as I work up the effort to edit all the pictures I took last weekend. Yawn. G’night.

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