Wednesday Wings: Shorebirds

Well there. Now that I’ve got a shorebird post out of the way I can go back to some interesting birds. Wait…did I say that out loud?

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7 Responses to Wednesday Wings: Shorebirds

  1. Pat says:

    Yes, shorebirds can be interesting, but it’s not like they’re owls or anything…:)

  2. Scott Artis says:

    Oh, I think there is a love for shorebirds brewing deep down…but I’ll go along with the façade :’)

    Keep up the great posts!

  3. Dawn Fine says:

    Hey I heard that …I will try to keep it under wouldnt want the whole birding community to know how you feel would you?

  4. Julie G. says:

    Wonderful shorebird post! Love the beautiful images and preening video!

  5. Andrew Baksh says:

    Interesting birds you say? I’ll pretend you did not write that. Slowly, you are coming around and I like it 🙂

  6. Scott says:

    Nice collection. I like the video. A well-groomed bird! You may now return to your raptors, finches and what have you. 😉

  7. Shorebirds? Really? Who are you, and what have you done with Pat? Excellent photos and video. 🙂