Wednesday Wings: A Bitty Beauty

It’s so nice to have birding friends.

Last Saturday, my husband and I were sitting at home wondering which direction to go looking for birds. Our March weather is extremely fickle, so we were gauging our chances of heading out to the mountains when the phone rang.

A friend had just made a wonderful sighting at the local bird sanctuary about ten minutes from our house, and was kind enough to pass it on. We quickly poured our tea into go cups, grabbed camera and bins, and headed out the door.

Can you see what we were so excited about?

Look closer…

How about now?

That was one well hidden saw-whet owl. I asked Bob how on earth he had ever seen it, and he said the black-capped chickadees, red-breasted and white-breasted nuthatches had shown him there was something in the tree. He had to make more than a few circles around the spruce to find it, but I’m very glad he did!

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6 Responses to Wednesday Wings: A Bitty Beauty

  1. Pat says:

    Hi Anne. Yes, Bob’s phone call was the highlight of my birding month. The last saw-whet I got a look at was in the same row of spruce trees, only closer to the Walker House. Sorry you missed this one – there’s no such thing as too many saw-whet owl pics!

  2. Anne Elliott says:

    Hi, Pat. Bob just said in an e-mail that he had phoned you last weekend when he found the little Northern Saw-whet Owl. Aren’t you all lucky? I did see one a few years ago, but was out of luck when we were at IBS on a different day last week. Nice sighting and capture.

  3. What a sweet Saw-whet!

  4. Julie G says:

    A most glorious sighting!

  5. Nick Chill says:

    Fantastic find! Great shots through all those branches.

  6. what a beauty and so well hidden, it really proves that it’s worth spending that little extra time checking out what’s around!