Unbelievable Snowy Owl Behaviour

This is a preview of a new show coming to PBS Nature in October, and I just had to share it. I have never seen owl behaviour like this, and frankly my mouth was hanging open as I watched it. Twice.

YouTube Preview Image
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6 Responses to Unbelievable Snowy Owl Behaviour

  1. Bob Hilscher says:

    This is one type of Owl I hope to see someday! Beautiful video.

  2. María Paola says:

    Gracias por esto, es un verdadero y maravilloso espectáculo!!

  3. All Dear My Friends ;

    We Should Appeciat The Film

    Maker of Unbelievable Snowy Owl.

    Sincerely Yours ; Amir

  4. Thanks for posting this up. Great video.

  5. Jean Davis says:

    Awesome! Sent on to several friends

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Pat, it’s very cool footage!

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