Owl Ambassadors

IMG_2268aHave you been following the the great Birding Is Fun blog? Thirty one birders from around the world write monthly posts, and the variety of topics and photos is truly awesome.

How I ended up sharing web space with some of the best birders and writers in the world is beyond me. 😀 I’m having fun with it, and no one has asked me to leave, so I guess I’ll continue.

This month I decided to write about a Great-horned owl family in Calgary who are doing their bit to educate folks about owls. Check it out at  Whoo Says It’s Too Close?


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2 Responses to Owl Ambassadors

  1. Pat Bumstead says:

    Thanks Heather. The owlets in the post are fledging this week. Now that they are moving farther away from the nest, I am almost afraid of what could happen. So far their fans have been very respectful so hopefully that continues!

  2. Well written article. I had the fortune of following a three owlet nest in the city a few years ago and, for sure, you get an education from the other humans around the site. Sometimes the stories are not good as some owl parents are very tolerant and abuse occurs. I totally support not naming where nests are. In my area I am thrilled to hear owls at any time of day for the past few months for the first time I can remember which tells me there is a new active nest around. I have not gone looking but do not scold others too much for their curiosity. Such a wonderful bird to learn from.