Yard Birds

One of the nice things about June is having a great variety of birds in and around the yard  here in the Ottawa Valley. Having a birthday in June is icing on the cake! These shots were all taken within the past 24 hours and are just some of the birds I enjoyed throughout the day. Blue Jay Chipping Sparrow Downy Goldfinch Goldfinch1 IMG_2636 IMG_2637 Loon3 Loon6 Loon7 Merganser1 16 Merganser2 16 Merganser3 16 Merganser4 16 Osprey1 Osprey3 Purple Finch Purple Finch1

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2 Responses to Yard Birds

  1. Wendy Ellis says:

    Some really nice photos – will you teach me how to take them?

  2. Lovely photos, Susan. The sapsucker photos are excellent!