The Birder In Me

My name is Raymonde Savoie and I live in Moncton, New Brunswick. Since this blog is devoted to my favourite subject, birding in Canada, I am pleased to be posting related entries every 10th day of the month.  I am joining a long list of Canadian birders who post here from across the country every month to bring you their thoughts, discoveries and observations on the topic of birds.

I’ve been involved with birds ever since I can remember. It all began when, while watching some yellow and black birds feasting on thistles at the farm where I grew up in St. Maurice, I wondered what their name was. I imagined it to be an exotic name, for what else could this stunning bird possibly have but some name as beautiful as it was? Imagine my touch of disappointment finding out this was ‘just’ an American Goldfinch. To me, they will always hold this special attachment of being the first bird I identified from a field guide.  new-goldie

My fascination with birds grew as I got older, and keeping a list of the ones I could identify and count came as second nature. I have lists dating back to the early seventies, which I am slowly uploading on eBird. None of the other family members had this interest so I was made fun of more often than not, as I traipsed the fields and creek banks to spot anything with wings.

I’ve moved a lot in my life and everywhere I went, I made sure I listed and counted birds. Most notable of my past residences were Bancroft, Ontario, several places in Australia, and Vancouver Island. Seeing a Kookaburra for the first time was just as moving to me as my first American Goldfinch!

But in all the places I’ve lived, I’ve always had this inward calling to come back to New Brunswick and, besides my family and friends, to my beloved Maritime birds.

Now I reside in the city but I’m surrounded by parks and urban areas that birds love to frequent. I’m partial to the Irishtown Nature, and Centennial, Parks, but the Riverfront Park also holds treasures because of its location on the Petitcodiac River. I am blessed to live in an apartment building right beside the Fairview Knoll Park, off Elmwood Drive, with a view of the park’s east side. I’m living my bliss: writing my book, observing and counting birds, walking and painting.  What more could a birder want?

new-rustyRusty Blackbird, Caissie Cape, Kent County, NB, December 2012.

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2 Responses to The Birder In Me

  1. Sorry I forgot to reply to your comment, Sonia. Thanks for letting us know how you like our blog. It’s much appreciated! I’m glad you are starting to keep a list of the birds you see and/or hear. Another eBirder is born – hooray!

  2. Sonia Simard says:

    Loved this post Raymonde, in part because it echoes my sentiments, in part because it is very well written and lastly because it made me realize that I should also be keeping a list! 😉