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Snowy Owl Invasion

Spectacular Snowy Owls are on the move! The owls are irrupting well south of their usual winter range in Canada, with reports as far south as Kansas. To read more about the phenomenon in eBird, select this link. If you don’t … Continue reading

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Project Feeder Watch 2011

Backyard birdwatchers across Canada are invited to take part in the 25th season of Project FeederWatch, from November 12 through April 6. With each season, FeederWatch increases in importance as a unique and indispensable monitoring tool for more than 100 … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: The Pecking Order

There is a clear order of preference at my bird feeder. These pictures were taken in a two hour period during the storm on Saturday, in this order. Squirrels get first pick, followed by the black-billed magpie, blue jay, mourning … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: A Bitty Beauty

It’s so nice to have birding friends. Last Saturday, my husband and I were sitting at home wondering which direction to go looking for birds. Our March weather is extremely fickle, so we were gauging our chances of heading out … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Mr. Hairy

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Wednesday Wings: Magpie Munchies

Black-billed magpies survive because they are clever, and quick to take advantage of any food source. Driving down the highway the other day, I burst out laughing when I saw this bird chowing down on an enormous pile of feed … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Mountain Chickadee

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Winter Birding in Canada

Bird watchers thrive on challenge. Every time we go out to look for birds, we face a monumental challenge, and we love every minute of it. We bird in all weather conditions, and generally glory in tales of getting stuck … Continue reading

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Crap It’s Cold Out There

Today is one of those days Canada is famous for. During the ‘warmest’ part of the day, the temperature here in Calgary was -28C, which equates to -18F. There is not the tiniest breath of wind, and a light snow … Continue reading

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