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Summer Solstice Is Here!

Happy Summer Solstice to all (I’m a few weeks late, I know, but didn’t want to repeat the previous Bird Canada blogger’s caption). I hope everyone has been or will enjoy the summer. I am happy to report this picture of a … Continue reading

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Woodpeckers Galore!

For some reason, I associate autumn with woodpeckers. So, since the season is upon us, I thought I’d share photos of a few of the WPs that visit us on Gabriola Island. Right now, a family of flickers is keeping … Continue reading

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Intergrade Northern Flickers

Northern Flickers, which are common all across North America, occur in two subspecies, Yellow-shafted in the north and east, and Red-shafted in the west. In flight Red-shafted flickers show a salmon-red colour under the wings and tail, whereas the Yellow-shafted … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Flicker Cousins


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Wednesday Wings: A Big Baby

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Apparently I Have A New Feeder

I’m in the process of putting in a hummingbird and bee garden on the site of an old greenhouse. There was a sizeable ant colony in the greenhouse, and they’re beginning to surface in the garden. In addition to those ants, … Continue reading

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Flicker Wake-up Call

I was quietly enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning, watching the house finches, black-capped chickadees and white-breasted nuthatches at our feeders. Suddenly it sounded like someone had started a jack-hammer in my living room. Then it stopped. Then … Continue reading

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