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Owl Extravaganza

This winter has been one of the most brutal winters southern Ontario has seen in years. And in spite of that, it’s been my best birding winter by far. I’ve already managed to rack up five owl species, including the … Continue reading

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What makes an owl a top predator?

  Many birders, me included, have an affinity for owls (families Tytonidae and Strigidae). They bring a certain fascination, mystique and inspiration that compel many people to seek out these raptors when in the field. Throughout the world there are … Continue reading

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The Magpie Tree

I am beginning to think my yard is emitting some kind of weird force field, resulting in some very strange bird encounters – daily owl visits, eastern birds, hundreds of waxwings… And that’s just the last few weeks. On one … Continue reading

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An Owl Story In Pictures

I rarely apply human emotions to wildlife, but I simply couldn’t resist for this sequence. Buster spent a half an hour watching the squirrel activity, and really gave the famous owl-swivel neck a workout!

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Wednesday Wings: Waxwing Invasion

Whooee, do we have Bohemian waxwings! Our mountain ash and all the trees for three yards around are full of them every day. They like to perch at the top of the poplar trees in the morning sun. Eat the … Continue reading

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Bird Behaviour Question

Apparently we have a new lodger. He’s been here daily for about three weeks, so I decided if he’s going to live here, he better have a name. Meet Buster. Buster is a great-horned owl with a unique plumage, so … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Love That Corvid Alarm

I was making pumpkin walnut muffins yesterday when I looked out the window and discovered I had more than the usual number of big corvids out there. Four ravens and five black-billed magpies, to be exact, were quietly (?) perched on one … Continue reading

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Wooo’s In The Yard

I think the reason I like owls so much is their complete disdain for the human race. They pretty much don’t care if we exist or not. I’ve seen a lot of owls, but not one of them has ever given the … Continue reading

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Corvid Alarm Notice

It’s a miserable, dark, snowy day here in Calgary. I was enjoying my book and a cup of tea when my corvid alarm went off. As any birdwatcher knows, a flock of screaming crows, magpies and jays generally means there’s … Continue reading

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