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On Seeing my First Dickcissel

Before I started birding, I couldn’t understand the appeal of chasing rarities. Even semi-rarities. What could possibly justify driving for close to two hours in search of a fleeting bird? I’ll admit that I’ve followed along many a time, joined … Continue reading

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Grassland Birds In Saskatchewan Need Help

After more than 75 years of managing fragile grasslands as productive rangelands for livestock grazing, the federal government announced in the spring of 2012 that it was transferring control of the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) pastures back to the … Continue reading

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2012 Sage Grouse Population Survey

Every spring anxious eyes turn towards the sage-grouse mating grounds (known as “leks”) of southern Alberta to see whether or not Canada’s sage-grouse made it through the winter. This year’s spring population counts observed only 13 males at Alberta leks, … Continue reading

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Hmmm. Uhh. Wha?

Rarely – if ever – do I find myself speechless. Last weekend, I had purposely worked things out so that I had the whole of Sunday to write up a proposal. A proposal that should be done sooner than later. … Continue reading

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Marsh Diaries Part 7

The lake was a different place this weekend. After five days of record-setting torential rain and wind, we were among a handful of the fool-…brave campers in residence. The first thing I did on our arrival was check on the … Continue reading

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Marsh Diaries Part Two

I learned a few things this weekend. I learned Canada Geese don’t shut up when it gets dark. They keep honking, gabbling and futzing around until after 2:00 am. I learned the raucous, grating calls of American Coots and assorted gull … Continue reading

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