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How do we learn about bird migration?

Situated in the South Okanagan valley of British Columbia, Vaseux Lake is an important resting area for migrating birds. From August 1 to October 15, a bird banding station is in place to capture, record and release migrating and resident … Continue reading

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Drilling for “oil” in the nursery

Some of Enbridge’s oil tanks are decorated with illustrations of lovely Canada Geese in flight. Let’s just hope they don’t land in the tar sands tailing ponds. Almost all the largest oil companies are currently mining and drilling in the Boreal … Continue reading

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Weather vs Migration

Disoriented by erratic weather, birds are changing migration habits and routes to adjust to warmer winters, disappearing feeding grounds and shrinking wetlands, a migration expert says. Failure to adapt risks extinction. Birds face starvation when they arrive too early or … Continue reading

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