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Corvid, Ummm, Alarm?

In addition to being known for their intelligence, members of the Corvid Family – ravens, crows, jays and magpies – are appreciated by birders for their behaviour when confronted with a predator. Their loud, raucous squawks combined with hopping and jabbing … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Corvid Cuties

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Salt Shaker Birds

If any one bird species could be said to represent the boreal forest, it would have to be the Grey Jay Perisoreus canadensis. These appealing little thieves are commonly known as whiskey jacks or camp robbers, and are found only … Continue reading

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Way More Than A Murder

I admit it – I am a fan of the corvid family. Ravens, crows, magpies and jays are so clever and tenacious I can’t help be impressed. And yesterday evening I reached corvid fan nirvana. Each fall, American crows gather … Continue reading

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