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How Many Maritimers Does it Take to Find a Downy Woodpecker False Face?

The idea that “false faces” are used by birds for predator deterrence floats in the ether between biology textbook case study and mythical meme. The idea that evolution can produce false faces compels and amazes us but because of the lack of … Continue reading

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Consulting the eBird Oracle: Where are our Migrant Warblers Now?

It is early May – where are our migrant Warblers on their journeys? (Hint: check out the maps below!) The majority of our breeding Warblers are lurking just south of the belt (the Canada/US belt, not the Bible Belt) and … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Swainson’s BIF

Posted By Bob Lefebvre Last week I was in one of our large Calgary parks, and there was a pair of Swainson’s Hawks. There was a stiff wind from the south, so I was able to get pictures as they … Continue reading

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