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Prairie Birding

While late July is typically known as a slower time for birding, the prairies always hold something of interest; whether it be southbound shorebirds heralding the end of summer or frantic parents raising young birds. Here are some of my … Continue reading

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Intergrade Northern Flickers

Northern Flickers, which are common all across North America, occur in two subspecies, Yellow-shafted in the north and east, and Red-shafted in the west. In flight Red-shafted flickers show a salmon-red colour under the wings and tail, whereas the Yellow-shafted … Continue reading

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Words Fail Me Wednesday

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Wednesday Wings: Tree Tops

At the back of our yard, we have a cluster of four fully mature white spruce trees – my own little boreal forest. These trees are about 50 feet high, and not surprisingly, a favorite perch of many birds. I … Continue reading

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A Furry Bird Walk

A friend of mine recently decided she wanted to take up bird watching a little more actively. She can identify the common species, but wants to know what is visiting her yard and campsight. Naturally, I’ve jumped all over this. … Continue reading

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The Magpie Tree

I am beginning to think my yard is emitting some kind of weird force field, resulting in some very strange bird encounters – daily owl visits, eastern birds, hundreds of waxwings… And that’s just the last few weeks. On one … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Flicker Cousins


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An Owl Story In Pictures

I rarely apply human emotions to wildlife, but I simply couldn’t resist for this sequence. Buster spent a half an hour watching the squirrel activity, and really gave the famous owl-swivel neck a workout!

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Squirrel Saturday #13

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Wednesday Wings: Waxwing Invasion

Whooee, do we have Bohemian waxwings! Our mountain ash and all the trees for three yards around are full of them every day. They like to perch at the top of the poplar trees in the morning sun. Eat the … Continue reading

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