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Here A Redpoll, There a Redpoll…

Everywhere a common redpoll. My yard has been full of these appealing little finches for the past couple of months. These small seed eaters aren’t choosy – they like niger seed, black oil sunflowers and sunflower chips. They eat at … Continue reading

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Owl Fans Must See This

How did I possibly survive without Twitter? Yes, some days are more interesting on there than others, but every once in a while you get notice of some absolutely SPECTACULAR blog posts. Today I was introduced to The Spruce Blog, … Continue reading

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Salt Shaker Birds

If any one bird species could be said to represent the boreal forest, it would have to be the Grey Jay Perisoreus canadensis. These appealing little thieves are commonly known as whiskey jacks or camp robbers, and are found only … Continue reading

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Blog for the Boreal

Today is Blog Action Day, with the focus on climate change and global warming. As I sat down to write this article, I glanced out my window and sighed.  A very early snowfall has covered the ground, and record low … Continue reading

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