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Breeding Birds in the Boreal forest

It’s been a busy couple of months in my house since my last post in April. A new job, a new apartment, and plenty of changes for the better in my life have really kept me hopping. Part of my … Continue reading

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New Report: Boreal Birds Need Half

One of the world’s greatest migrations is happening now. Billions of migratory birds are heading from the U.S., Central and South America to what’s been dubbed “North America’s bird nursery” —the sprawling billion-plus-acre boreal forest that spans the continent from … Continue reading

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Drilling for “oil” in the nursery

Some of Enbridge’s oil tanks are decorated with illustrations of lovely Canada Geese in flight. Let’s just hope they don’t land in the tar sands tailing ponds. Almost all the largest oil companies are currently mining and drilling in the Boreal … Continue reading

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Marten Mountain: Bears and Life Birds

Posted by Bob Lefebvre – Calgary, Alberta Last summer I posted here about Lesser Slave Lake in northern Alberta as a birding destination. There are always lots of good birds there, and during our trip in July 2012 I got … Continue reading

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Advanced Birding Techniques – Finding the Northern Pygmy-Owl

Guest post by Bob Lefebvre The Northern Pygmy-Owl is an elusive creature that can be very difficult for a birder to find.  For starters, it is very small, about the size of a pop can.  But there is no deposit … Continue reading

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Boreal Forest Protected

Birds and wildlife of the boreal forest are breathing a little easier today. The Boreal Songbird Initiative has reported the wonderful news that 8,000 square kilometers of boreal forest and wetlands have been protected in Manitoba. “A vast stretch of … Continue reading

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Boreal Birds #2

This second set of boreal bird pictures comes from Janet Plante, who, with her husband Pete is driving up the Alaska Highway. Janet is my niece, and is making me unbelievably jealous with her photos. The first picture she sent … Continue reading

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Boreal Birds #1

Canada’s Boreal Forest is a 1.4 billion acre green swath stretching from The Yukon in the west, across all provinces to Newfoundland in the east. Within this bird nursery, billions of birds are raised during the short but insect-laden summer … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Boreal Traveller

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Impacts Of The Alberta Oilsands On Birds

This report is one that every birder should read. What is going on here in Alberta right now affects us all, in more ways than one. The amount of habitat destruction, both current and proposed, is immense. Strip-mining for the … Continue reading

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