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Prairie Birding

While late July is typically known as a slower time for birding, the prairies always hold something of interest; whether it be southbound shorebirds heralding the end of summer or frantic parents raising young birds. Here are some of my … Continue reading

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Lesser Slave Lake and the LSLBO

Guest post by Bob Lefebvre Next week is our annual family reunion/camping trip which we usually spend on Lesser Slave Lake in northern Alberta.  The campsite, at Lily Creek in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, is a beautiful spot in … Continue reading

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Those Aren’t Geese…

Greater white-fronted geese are mythical birds. A myth perpetrated by the oil industry so that some of us jump in our gas-driven cars and spend hours cruising through the country looking for them when they’re reported on the local bird … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Ferruginous Five

Have you ever been so astonished by a bird sighting that your brain shuts down? No synapses firing, just a blank white void where your bird identification skills should be? It’s most disconcerting, I can tell you. One blisteringly hot … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: The Wire Walker

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Wednesday Wings: A Ruddy Itch

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My Yard List: Why Stop At 100?

Here I was, all excited to get to species number one hundred on my yard list. I keep track of the birds actually in the yard, as well as those seen from the yard, as in flying over (F). This … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: The Pecking Order

There is a clear order of preference at my bird feeder. These pictures were taken in a two hour period during the storm on Saturday, in this order. Squirrels get first pick, followed by the black-billed magpie, blue jay, mourning … Continue reading

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Bird ID Help Please!

Attention all you birders who love a challenge! One of my blog readers in Edmonton, Alberta sent me this bird picture he took last August, and asked for some help with the identification of this species. While yes, at first … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Magpie Munchies

Black-billed magpies survive because they are clever, and quick to take advantage of any food source. Driving down the highway the other day, I burst out laughing when I saw this bird chowing down on an enormous pile of feed … Continue reading

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