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Google Bird: What Can Search Data Do for Bird Conservation?

If Google searches can so accurately predict the incidence and spread of the flu why not the ‘incidence and spread’ of birds? eBird is only one of many mechanisms we have for amassing and disseminating big bird data (big data). … Continue reading

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Mergansers and their un-Common Mothers.

As an avid birder, the depth and scope of my little “hobby” has deepened and widened over the years, and I also  accumulated a few dozen or maybe several dozen bird carvings, bird paintings, bird clothing (especially fond of socks),binoculars, … Continue reading

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How Many Maritimers Does it Take to Find a Downy Woodpecker False Face?

The idea that “false faces” are used by birds for predator deterrence floats in the ether between biology textbook case study and mythical meme. The idea that evolution can produce false faces compels and amazes us but because of the lack of … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Golden-crowned Warrior

Have you ever wondered why this bird is named after a minuscule little crown on the top of his head? Calgary birder and nature photographer Daniel Arndt can answer that question with these stunning photographs!  Sometimes you get a better look at … Continue reading

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Here A Redpoll, There a Redpoll…

Everywhere a common redpoll. My yard has been full of these appealing little finches for the past couple of months. These small seed eaters aren’t choosy – they like niger seed, black oil sunflowers and sunflower chips. They eat at … Continue reading

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Canada’s Boreal Forest

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Wednesday Wings: Confused Hairy Woodpecker

It took this young hairy woodpecker a while to figure out how to get any food from this busy feeder, but he managed it eventually. I resisted the urge to put captions on these photos, but it was hard!

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Wednesday Wings: A Bitty Beauty

It’s so nice to have birding friends. Last Saturday, my husband and I were sitting at home wondering which direction to go looking for birds. Our March weather is extremely fickle, so we were gauging our chances of heading out … Continue reading

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