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Nested Nests

We have all seen American Robins build their nests very close to houses, or even on them. Usually these nests are in well-protected spots, for example under the eaves of a house. Even if the nest is right by a … Continue reading

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Woodpeckers of the Boreal Forest

Posted by Janet Plante The variety within the different species of birds we see in our neck of the woods never ceases to amaze me. Take woodpeckers for instance. We regularly see Downys which is wonderful; however their larger cousins the … Continue reading

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Finches of the Boreal Forest

No, unfortunately I haven’t been travelling to the boreal forest. This is a guest post from Janet Plante, who lives in the boreal and will be writing monthly blog posts for Bird Canada. Some of the birds she regularly gets … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: A Ruddy Itch

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My Yard List: Why Stop At 100?

Here I was, all excited to get to species number one hundred on my yard list. I keep track of the birds actually in the yard, as well as those seen from the yard, as in flying over (F). This … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: A Rough(ie) Trip

The amount of birding I have done this month is embarrassing. Between our continually crappy weather and the fact I have been designing a 100+ page website, we made one whole trip. But it was a good one! About an hour’s … Continue reading

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Irreplaceable Public Land to be Sold to Make Potato Chips

Oct 21, 2010 News Release from the Alberta Wilderness Association In a shocking insult to all Albertans, the provincial government is set to sell off a huge swathe of public land – our land – to a private company, to … Continue reading

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