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My 2014 Baillie Birdathon

Cross-post from my blog Prairie Birder: Thursday, May 29th was my “green” Baillie Birdathon which was not only the wettest but also possibly my best Birdathon so far. I decided that I’d do a “green” birdathon because I wanted to focus more on the birds … Continue reading

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Interview with Jeff Gordon, Baillie Birdathon celebrity guest birder

[This a cross-post from my blog, Prairie Birder] This year’s celebrity guest birder for the Bird Studies Canada annual Baillie Birdathon is Jeffrey Gordon, president of the American Birding Association. I’m very pleased to give you today my interview with Jeff, especially during what is a very busy time of year for … Continue reading

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Bird Banding in Ontario

Posted by Charlotte Wasylik, aka Prairie Birder, This August and September, for four weeks, I was an intern at the Long Point Bird Observatory (LPBO) in Ontario, on Lake Erie, to help with fall migration monitoring. The Long Point Bird Observatory … Continue reading

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New Online Manitoba Species At Risk Website

As part of Bird Studies Canada’s ongoing efforts to inform people about Species at Risk (SAR), the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas has just launched a new online Manitoba SAR Guide. This website provides detailed Manitoba-specific information on all avian SAR that … Continue reading

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The 2011 Great Backyard Bird Count – A Huge Success!

The 2011 Great Backyard Bird Count was a huge success; nearly 92,000 checklists were submitted in North America. Canadians submitted a record 7462 checklists and counted 647,402 individuals of 243 species. These numbers are well above those from 2010, when … Continue reading

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Young Ornithologists Wanted

The 2010 Doug Tarry Natural History Fund’s Young Ornithologists’ Workshop will be held at Long Point Bird Observatory near Port Rowan, Ontario, from Friday, July 30 to Sunday, August 8. Participants will receive hands-on field ornithology training, including bird banding, … Continue reading

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Short-eared Owls Need Your Help

Bird Studies Canada is entering its seventh season of Short-eared Owl monitoring in Ontario. North American and European researchers are working together to learn more about this poorly-understood species, which appears to be declining across its global range and is … Continue reading

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Help BC Waterbirds

Sunday, September 13/09 will mark the start of the 11th year of the British Columbia Coastal Waterbird Survey from Bird Studies Canada. The focus of the program is to record monthly counts of seabirds, waterfowl, and other coastal birds to … Continue reading

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Calling All Loon Watchers

Bird Studies Canada is looking for your help. Anyone who has listened to their wild call echoing across a tranquil northern lake can appreciate how the Common Loon has become a much-loved wilderness symbol. The loon has a special place … Continue reading

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