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Can has Chickadeezburger? How Many Birds Do Cats Kill in Canada?

In case it slipped under your radar this week, an estimate of the number of birds killed annually by cats in Canada was released, and it is no Far Side cartoon. In a special issue of Avian Conservation and Ecology … Continue reading

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Google Bird: What Can Search Data Do for Bird Conservation?

If Google searches can so accurately predict the incidence and spread of the flu why not the ‘incidence and spread’ of birds? eBird is only one of many mechanisms we have for amassing and disseminating big bird data (big data). … Continue reading

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The Northern Pygmy-Owl: The little owl with big personality

In late June I took a drive northwest of Calgary to see a pair of Sandhill Cranes that were reportedly nesting along the shore of a large pond (or small lake, if you prefer). I’d never really visited this particular … Continue reading

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Prairie Birding

While late July is typically known as a slower time for birding, the prairies always hold something of interest; whether it be southbound shorebirds heralding the end of summer or frantic parents raising young birds. Here are some of my … Continue reading

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How Many Maritimers Does it Take to Find a Downy Woodpecker False Face?

The idea that “false faces” are used by birds for predator deterrence floats in the ether between biology textbook case study and mythical meme. The idea that evolution can produce false faces compels and amazes us but because of the lack of … Continue reading

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Finding Wilderness in Toronto

I marvel how much I learn from birds. I do not exaggerate when I say that they have taught me how to see, how to pay attention to detail, and how to appreciate the unexpected finds even when the sought … Continue reading

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Practice makes perfect

Sometimes I get asked how I was able to identify a certain bird, or how I knew what I was looking at. Heck, a lot of the time I ask myself how I’m supposed to identify many species. While there … Continue reading

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Canada’s Shorebirds – Part 3, Calidrids and Turnstones

It was inevitable, but my shorebird stint (no pun intended) has come to an end, with this, the penultimate entry to the series. I’m going to break this down into four sections based somewhat on genetics, but also somewhat on … Continue reading

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Nested Nests

We have all seen American Robins build their nests very close to houses, or even on them. Usually these nests are in well-protected spots, for example under the eaves of a house. Even if the nest is right by a … Continue reading

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Hues of Pink

Down here in Texas I was recently watching a very vibrant Roseate Spoonbill feeding and I couldn’t help but admire its gorgeous pink plumage. I asked a question that many have asked before and that I’m sure some of you … Continue reading

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