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Hues of Pink

Down here in Texas I was recently watching a very vibrant Roseate Spoonbill feeding and I couldn’t help but admire its gorgeous pink plumage. I asked a question that many have asked before and that I’m sure some of you … Continue reading

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Intergrade Northern Flickers

Northern Flickers, which are common all across North America, occur in two subspecies, Yellow-shafted in the north and east, and Red-shafted in the west. In flight Red-shafted flickers show a salmon-red colour under the wings and tail, whereas the Yellow-shafted … Continue reading

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A look into longevity…

You know that Chickadee you see in your yard, the one that can be counted on to come calling at your feeders, even on a day when the only activity outside in the frigid cold is that of falling snow? … Continue reading

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Lesser Slave Lake and the LSLBO

Guest post by Bob Lefebvre Next week is our annual family reunion/camping trip which we usually spend on Lesser Slave Lake in northern Alberta.  The campsite, at Lily Creek in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, is a beautiful spot in … Continue reading

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Top Ten Birding Locations In Canada

Springs a comin’ which means we’ll soon want to get out there and bird our little hearts out. This list was compiled by the folks at Wildlife Extra in the United Kingdom, so I thought I would pass it along … Continue reading

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Good News For Birds of Prey

A new report by the Raptor Population Index (RPI) Project shows that the majority of the 26 species of migratory raptors across North America are either recovering or in stable condition. RPI is a cooperative partnership among four leading raptor and conservation … Continue reading

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A Golden Guest

Local nature photographer Duane Starr has taken a series of outstanding pictures of a magnificent Golden Eagle. He says he came across a bird sitting on a rock on a small hill next to the road. Just as he stopped, … Continue reading

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Whoopers in Flight

Another guest post, this time from Ken Bushman in Saskatchewan, who had the amazing luck to photograph a group of wild whooping cranes in flight. This is not something you see everyday. I showed this photo to the head of … Continue reading

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