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Spring Scouting at Frank Lake

As I’m sure it’s been made clear by now, I absolutely love Frank Lake. I do a trip down there at least once a month, and in the spring it’s a very productive major staging area for gulls, waterfowl, and … Continue reading

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Canada’s Shrikes, a tale of two seasons

Many North American birders and photographers fawn over the majesty and beauty of birds of prey. From the soaring raptors and eagles, to the swooping and diving falcons, to the deft and agile accipiters, and of course the ever popular … Continue reading

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Memories of Summer in Southern Alberta

Back in early August, I was invited by Gus Yaki to go on a little excursion around south-eastern Alberta. Our ultimate goal was to join a Nature Calgary trip to the area around Manyberries in search of Alberta’s only lizard … Continue reading

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Prairie Birding

While late July is typically known as a slower time for birding, the prairies always hold something of interest; whether it be southbound shorebirds heralding the end of summer or frantic parents raising young birds. Here are some of my … Continue reading

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Birding the Foothills

Posted by Bob Lefebvre, Calgary For the past six years, I have participated in the Calgary May Species Count. The area I cover is about an hour’s drive SW of the city, in the Longview area. The territory is prairie … Continue reading

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Feel it in the air

As I sit here writing this in Houston, at the end of March, you can definitely feel spring in the air. While the weather hasn’t quite accepted the fact that spring is here, the birds definitely have and you only … Continue reading

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Intergrade Northern Flickers

Northern Flickers, which are common all across North America, occur in two subspecies, Yellow-shafted in the north and east, and Red-shafted in the west. In flight Red-shafted flickers show a salmon-red colour under the wings and tail, whereas the Yellow-shafted … Continue reading

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Marten Mountain: Bears and Life Birds

Posted by Bob Lefebvre – Calgary, Alberta Last summer I posted here about Lesser Slave Lake in northern Alberta as a birding destination. There are always lots of good birds there, and during our trip in July 2012 I got … Continue reading

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Status of Boreal Plains Birds in Alberta

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) has released its latest report on the state of biodiversity in Alberta. The Status of Landbirds in Alberta’s Boreal Plains Ecozone – Preliminary Assessment 2012, reports on the status of common bird species that are … Continue reading

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Woodpeckers of the Boreal Forest

Posted by Janet Plante The variety within the different species of birds we see in our neck of the woods never ceases to amaze me. Take woodpeckers for instance. We regularly see Downys which is wonderful; however their larger cousins the … Continue reading

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