T.O. Backyard – Deck Birding

Birding the backyard from the deck.

Living in Ontario, the first day of Spring is always welcomed to a birder, as it signifies that Spring Migration is just around the corner! But for me this year, the first day of Spring put my birding activities to a halt. A fall on the stairs at home gave me a broken right foot, not a good way for a birder to start Spring.

The winter weather hung around the first couple weeks of Spring, so it was easy to remain in the house, and thankfully just as cabin fever was setting in, some Spring like weather arrived. It was an absolute joy to sit on the back deck and watch the birds in our backyard. Signs of Spring are everywhere!

The male Goldfinches are going through their Spring molt and becoming bright yellow.

A male House Sparrow claimed this Nuthatch house, and is trying to attract a female to his new, fancy digs.

The return of the Red-winged Blackbirds signifies the return of Spring to us, no matter the date on the calendar.

The Grackles and Red-winged Blackbirds always arrive together to our backyard every Spring.

Such welcomed brightness on a cloudy day.

We have a pair of Robins making themselves at home in our backyard.

Year-round but sporadic, it’s nice to have some Mourning Doves back with us.

Seems everyone has nest building on their minds.

Still, a few of our winter birds are hanging around, but we know it won’t be long now before they disappear until Fall.

We had a couple pairs of Red-breasted Nuthatches with us all winter.

About a dozen Juncos are still with us.

A few White-breasted Nuthatches spent the winter with us as well.

The Hawk sightings have really dwindled, except for the local pair of Red-tailed Hawks that nest nearby. The Mockingbird hasn’t been seen for awhile but he may be back to enjoy our bird baths later in the Spring. Our year round regulars like Northern Cardinals, Blue Jays and Downy Woodpeckers always make the backyard enjoyable, but I’m not going to lie, there are are two species I am most looking forward to returning for the summer; Baltimore Orioles and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds!

I read the Baltimore Orioles are just across the lake, so the feeder went up this weekend.

Ready and waiting!

All pictures were taken Sunday April 9th in our backyard by my hubby, Rob Mueller. He’s been taking great care of me! Here’s hoping the boot-cast if off by our next post.

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