Summer Songs

We wait for it the minute it’s gone. Summer. Long, languid days followed by starry nights staring at the bonfire. bonfireFull moons. July 24 moonCrashing thunderstorms followed by placating rainbows.Double rainbowThese are the songs of summer. We hum them in our minds all winter, and we rejoice when they arrive. Like the little Song Sparrow. Often overlooked amid the flurry of colourful warblers, the Loon’s lament, the drill and drum of the woodpeckers. All of these and more, serve to distract us from the one little bird who comes early to the party, sings his tiny heart out all summer long, and is one of the last to leave.This feathered fellow posed for me for about 10 minutes, showing me his  handsome suit of beige and brown from all sides, cheerfully singing his song of summer and happy to do so. 
Song Sparrow6 Song Sparrow2 Song Sparrow3 Song Sparrow4

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3 Responses to Summer Songs

  1. Susan Ellis says:

    It’s very hard sometimes, isn’t it, to let Nature take it’s course and not intervene. I’ve had to stand and watch a few times while prey and predator met…never easy.

  2. Manson Fleguel says:

    Once again so true! Thank goodness for the overlooked Song Sparrow.

  3. We had a song sparrow “family” living on our cottage property this summer. I say “family” because the mother song sparrow must have been duped into thinking that two cowbird babies (and the eggs, before they hatched) were hers. I know this thievery has been going on for eons, but it still upsets me. The babies were so insistent, chasing Mum-bird around our meadow demanding to be fed. They’re larger than her already!