Summer Solstice Is Here!


Happy Summer Solstice to all (I’m a few weeks late, I know, but didn’t want to repeat the previous Bird Canada blogger’s caption). I hope everyone has been or will enjoy the summer.

I am happy to report this picture of a male red-shafted Northern Flicker was taken two days ago (July 15) with my newly repaired Nikon camera, which fell on the sidewalk three weeks ago in lovely Victoria, BC.

I may be able to post something a bit longer next month….

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2 Responses to Summer Solstice Is Here!

  1. I’m glad my post could be of use!

  2. Anne Healy says:

    We have just spent a delightful afternoon in Calgary Alberta watching a pair of birds eating ants and thanks to your website we have discovered they are Northern Flickers. What amazing birds.