Summer Birding around Vermilion, Alberta

This post is a quick look at what birding looks like on the Canadian prairies in July. For more specifics, here is one of my recent eBird lists for July 2, 2014 .

This Song Sparrow was singing at the Provincial Park,


The Yellow-headed Blackbirds are all over the sloughs (ponds) near our house,


Two male Brewer’s Blackbirds on a barbed wire fence,


A female American Robin on her nest,


A Killdeer that was feeding along the shore of our slough,


Female Blue-winged Teal,


Spotted Sandpiper,


A female Red-winged Blackbird keeping an eye on her nest,


About Charlotte Wasylik

Charlotte Wasylik is a young birder who lives on a farm in northeastern Alberta. She was delighted to be selected for a monthlong Young Ornithologists’ Internship at the Long Point Bird Observatory in Ontario in August-September, to help with fall migration monitoring. Charlotte’s blog is Prairie Birder, and you can also find her at the Facebook group she started last year, Alberta Birds, which welcomes all birders, bird lovers, and nature photographers.

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