It’s still summer, but…


Taken by the author with a Nikon D5200 / AF-S 70-300mm

It’s still summer, so my post will be short once again, but I thought I could at least share a couple of Osprey pictures with you that illustrate a great success story here in British Columbia. Both of these photos were taken a few days ago in the Okanagan: The top photo of a solo Osprey was taken on the outskirts of Oliver and the one below of a watchful pair, right in the town of Osoyoos. They both show Ospreys on their nests, as they tend to their eggs or newly hatched chicks — some birds seemed far more advanced than others (perhaps some were taking care of a second clutch?).

In both cases, the birds were profiting from a program that provides these impressive birds with safe nesting options. These nests seem to have been installed everywhere in the valley, from the north (Vernon) to the south (Osoyoos), a 300 km stretch! I will try to find out more about this program over the next few weeks and months — if I succeed, perhaps I will write more about it here or on my personal blog.

In the meantime, I hope you are still enjoying the summer!


Taken by the author with a Nikon D5200 / AF-S 70-300mm

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3 Responses to It’s still summer, but…

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  2. Thanks! They are indeed… I remember seeing quite a few of them in downtown Boston (along the ocean) when I lived in that area in the 90’s. There are a few platforms here in Metro Vancouver where I now live, but they have serious competition from the Bald Eagles, of course.

  3. Bernard Tremblay says:

    Great Shot of the ospreys ! Very sharp images! These birds seem well adapted to urban centres. In Calgary there is an osprey platform at one of the cities’s busiest intersections (Sarcee trail and Glenmore Trail).

    Bernard from Calgary