Is it Spring yet?

Spring is slow to come to this little Island. At the best of times, we are surrounded by ice and the North wind from across the gulf keeps the renewed strength of the sun at bay. This year, it has been complicated by an accumulation of snow in excess of 500 cm (and more forecast to come) and snow on the ground in record amounts for this time of year.


Snow on Tryon Cross Road last Sunday.


Snow banks in Victoria-by-the-Sea.


We are still seeing some of our winter visitors but are looking forward to the arrival of some of those birds returning from the South.


Dark-eyed Junco


American Goldfinch; beginning the spring molt into breeding plumage.

Pine Siskin2

Some of those feisty Pine Siskins.

Common Redpoll

Common Redpoll

So in search of signs of spring, last Sunday I took a drive up to the Tryon area. The Tryon River usually is a draw for any Canada Geese in the area. A couple of farmers in the area spread cull potatoes in the pasture there and that typically attracts the Geese. Last Sunday, I found a few.


A few Canada geese in Tryon. They were accompanied by many Mallards and Black Ducks.

On Friday, I followed up and the numbers of Geese had grown greatly.

Five Canadas – signs of thing to come.


Canada Geese along the Tryon River.




And more…


…And the fields were dotted with more.

IMG_2747Along the way, I was able to find more in Victoria-by-the-Sea and in DeSable.

I was also able to see a couple of Northern Flickers along the way and we have also been seeing reports of First of Year American Robins, Common Grackles, Red-winged Blackbirds and Fox Sparrows. You can see those on

Finally, a shot of another of the locals. Looking forward for more to come. Maybe some Warblers?


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3 Responses to Is it Spring yet?

  1. Kim says:

    Nice shot of the siskins. Love seeing the geese fly overhead!
    I am feeding three robins daily with apples and berries, plus they are still eating seed from the tray. No worms yet!

  2. Ron Arvidson says:

    Some geese stay for the summer. Most are migrating through to northern nesting areas. Some also stay through the winter if there is open water but there wasn’t much around this winter.

  3. Gilda Blackmore says:

    Do the Canada Geese only live there in the summer? They live here all winter long in southwestern Ontario. Many (nonbirdlovers?) hate them. I think, primarily, because they defecate on the walking paths along the Thames. Among a gaggle last week there was a handsome Blue Heron, watching silently and stepping carefully.