Notes From a Northwestern Ontario Backyard

THacheHello from Manitouwadge, in Northwestern Ontario.

I will soon be contributing to Bird Canada on the 20th of each month, mostly about bird sightings in, near or around  my yard but sometimes, maybe my flowers too!

Just so you know, I am nowhere near being a professional birder or ornithologist … not even close!  But I do love to watch the birds in my own backyard and area.  I write a weekly birdwatching column for my little local newspaper, an article called Notes From the Bird Lady.  In it, I post about my sightings, mostly in my own yard but also of where ever I may happen to go.

Manitouwadge is in the Canadian Shield and Boreal Forest.  We see some amazing species up here year round.  This area is special enough that, since I’m a long term Project FeederWatch member, Cornell Lab of Ornithology selected my feeder station for placement of one of their web cams.  It is set specifically for Project FeederWatch and the webcam has been online from late October to mid April the past 4 years.

I hope you enjoy my future posts from my own backyard and whatever else happens to catch my eye!


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2 Responses to Notes From a Northwestern Ontario Backyard

  1. Tammie Hache says:

    Thank you, Sharon!

  2. Sharon says:

    Welcome Tammie! Great to have you on board.