Nature News #38

Bird News

Lead-shot pellets continue to poison swans along the BC/Washington border

Research paper calls for major geese cull on Vancouver Island

Turkey vulture rescued in Labrador

Visit by northern hawk owl brings Christmas cheer to BC birders

Delta, BC likely regains top spot with Christmas bird count

Mammal News

Old growth forest protection linked to caribou

Canadian MLA Trudeau & family draped in coyote fur for their holiday card

Female red squirrels in The Yukon never turn down sex

Polar bear surveys planned for Canadian Arctic

Potential endangered status threatens U.S. effort to bring back the wolverine

Orphaned whale getting along swimmingly off B.C.’s coast

Seals imperilled by early births off Labrador

Close encounter with ice-free polar bears shocks Coke exec

Fish News

Ottawa kept in the dark on abnormal fish found in oil-sands rivers

Reptile News

Snake-proof fence along Ontario highway part of effort to protect eastern fox snake

Ecosystem News

Lake Huron in danger from invasive species & climate change

A wild and massive “island” mountain range could be protected in northwestern B.C. near the Yukon

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