Nature News #37

Bird News

Montana proposes to relocate sage grouse to Alberta

‘Super-toxic’ rat poisons killing BC’s rare barn owls and other wildlife

Rescued eagle euthanized

Mammal News

Wolverines are stuck in an ecological catch-22

Arctic hybrids not a good sign, warn scientists

Foxes with mange spotted in the Greater Toronto Area

Canadian Park grizzly study underscores need to minimize human-caused mortality

BC  pins its hopes for saving woodland caribou on new super ministry

Nunavut rips U.S. move on ringed seals

Canada’s caribou crisis calls for collaboration

Caribou reintroduction on hold in Banff National Park

Still time to save polar bears: study

Public supports return of bison to Banff National Park

Musk oxen live to tell a survivors’ tale

Decline of the boreal caribou is both an ecological and social problem

Nunavut Inuit decry narwhal tusk export ban

Grizzlies encroach on polar bear territory

A new predator roams Arctic seas: the killer whale

Town council okays bunny money – feral rabbits in Cochrane, AB

Fish News

Sea lice not to blame for Pacific salmon decline

Insect News

BC forests no longer a carbon sink: report

Ecosystem News

Alberta oil companies unite to combat tailings ponds

Nature Conservancy of Canada purchases Goose Point Island in Musquodoboit Harbour, NS

Mackenzie Valley pipeline through the NWT approved by National Energy Board

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