Nature News #34

Bird News

Calgary-based company fined $125K for oil spill that killed 300 birds

Injured rare bird beats the odds in Calgary

Piping plover populations in Nova Scotia halved

Rare swans make Quebec mine home

African frog could help save Canadian bird from croaking

Bird flu found at Manitoba farm

Christmas bird count provides essential data for conservation

Mammal News

Parks studying woodland caribou reintroduction

Labrador Innu offer to help NL save caribou

No cull of coyotes in Okanagan Landing, says council

Caribou and economy win with new hydro line route in northwest Ontario

Stubborn coyote delays flights at Vancouver airport

Man charged with feeding wildlife at BC grow op

Fish News

New hope for Canada’s depleted Atlantic fisheries

Scientific study reveals waste water from Alberta’s oilsands inhibits fish reproduction

Northern pike invasive species in Columbia River

Ecosystem News

Internationally important wetland conserved in southern Ontario

Big new Manitoba parks announced

Controversial Alberta Parks Act is going to “die on the order paper,” great for protected areas

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