Nature News #32

Bird News

Deformed birds appearing in Alaska, northwest, and Canada at record-breaking rate

Windpower company develops North American bird and bat scheme

Sage grouse on path to extinction in Alberta

Roadkilled bird is oldest bald eagle ever documented in wild

Mammal News

Is a polar bear worth more dead or alive? Ottawa to study it

Brown bruins could displace polar bears, scientists say

Polar bears can’t eat geese into extinction

Parks Canada to expand deer cull on Sidney Island, BC

Orphaned grizzly bear cubs rescued in northern BC

South Dempster caribou hunting ban signed n the Yukon

Conservation measures announced for George River caribou in Labrador

Bluenose East caribou first herd to increase (Northwest Territories)

Herptile News

Griquet, Newfoundland’s leatherback turtle autopsy mystery

Fish News

BC fish-farm sea lice more widespread than thought

Salmon added to water hazard on southern Vancouver Island golf course

Insect News

Culling of trees and cold weather ease Alberta’s pine beetle burden

Ecosystem News

Harmful pollution in Canada’s lakes and rivers

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One Response to Nature News #32

  1. Thanks for including my blog post about the federal reports on freshwater pollution in this week’s roundup! I was shocked to find out things were so bad. Here’s hoping we see some changes to the way the government deals with water pollution.