Nature News #26

Bird News

The Sprague’s pipit, a threatened species in Canada for 10 years, will not get help in the US because “federal wildlife officials are too busy saving other species to conduct the studies and hold meetings necessary to get them on the U.S. endangered species list.

Four years overdue, the burrowing owl recovery plan just released by the federal government overlooks critical habitat within CFB Suffield National Wildlife Area in Alberta.

Mammal News

An updated recovery plan which identifies habitat and actions critical to the survival of the Newfoundland population of American marten has been released.

The BC Ministry of Environment is investigating the unexplained deaths of seven bighorn sheep near the Elkford coal mine.

One of Canada’s leading bat authorities has stated that wind turbines and disease are taking a toll on bat populations.

Canada lynx captured in Canada and released in Colorado to restore the population there are reproducing well after a very shaky start to the project.

Populations of Arctic caribou are in steep decline due to rising temperatures and an oil and gas development boom.

Fish News

Consumer and environmental groups rallied in Prince Edward Island to condemn a U.S. company’s plan to produce genetically modified salmon.

Insect News

A team of researchers using insects as models for monitoring environmental change across northern Canada have documented the first wasp nest on Baffin Island.

Ecosystem News

An environmental watchdog in Ontario has discovered the Great Lakes are getting dirtier due to outdated sewage systems and lack of action by the provincial government.

The federal government is investing in community action to preserve local habitat and species at risk in Quebec.

A coalition of environmental groups says in spite of the abundance of wild species in the province, BC has very few species at risk protected under the law.

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One Response to Nature News #26

  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for the nature news rundown! I’m becoming reliant on you to filter out and consolidate the news for me. It really helps combat my busy schedule while keeping me (somewhat) up to date.