Just A Dusting

I blame the cat for these pictures.

Being up before sunrise is not my usual habit in the dead of winter. However. A few days ago, one of my felines decided 7:30 am was time for me to get out of bed. He didn’t seem inclined to take no for an answer, so I gave in.

Once I got my bleary eyes open, I realized the previous night had left just a light dusting of fluffy snow on all the trees. When the sun came up it looked like a fairyland, and I had to get the camera out before the squirrels and birds knocked all the snow off.

Nice pictures, but I’m still not sure it was worth getting up at 7:30 am. In December. In Canada. Now I just have to convince the cat…

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3 Responses to Just A Dusting

  1. Dawn Fine says:

    Hee hee..the things we do for our furry friends. Luckily Jeff gets up earlier and takes care of the fur boy so I can sleep in. Pictures are Lovely though!

  2. Looks like spring blossoms. Amazing. Thanks, cat.

  3. Nathan B says:

    Very nice images, I hear about the early morning rise but you can’t get that killer light in the middle of the day 😉