Ducks and Such: A Photo Essay

Having done most of my birding in “Eastern” Canada (Ontario and Quebec) and “Western” Europe (France and Germany), I was surprised to discover to what extent ducks and other waterfowl are the “monarchy” of the bird world in many birding areas of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. I have of course seen and identified many ducks and such in all of these other places, especially along ocean coasts and mountain lakes, but the abundance, relative ease of access and variety of these birds in this part of the world is astonishing. And so my first blog post for Bird Canada will be a photo essay in honour of a kind of bird that I have come to appreciate quite a bit since I have arrived in this regions. The following photos are a sample of the pictures that I have taken in the past 18 months or so (by the way, I will add captions on the slide show photos soon, I promise!):

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As the title promised, I have also included a few non ducks in this blog:

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You may read more of my posts on my personal blog – see you next month, dear reader!

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5 Responses to Ducks and Such: A Photo Essay

  1. Kathleen, Glad you liked the photos. Seeing a whole bunch of them together like that is pretty instructive, isn’t it? I never thought it would happend (given that out east, you’re lucky when you get about a dozen ducks on the same pond), but now I can look at hundreds (!?!) of ducks and pretty much sort them out in a few minutes. And I can zoom in on the really rare ones too, most of the time. Terrific catch, that Pink-footed Goose, BTW: I haven’t see one, yet!

  2. Kathleen says:

    It was great fun using your photos as a quick identification test – was super pleased I got the greater white fronted goose. We had both a greater white fronted goose and a pink-footed goose down here in New Jersey and for a bit we had confusion between the two!

  3. Glad you liked them… and the great thing in Greater Vancouver is that most of these ducks actually winter here and then leave in the spring to nest in the rest of Canada. This is once again quite a contrast to Montreal and Quebec, the two previous cities I lived in, where no intelligent water bird would winter (except for dumpster-diving gulls, of course). So you can be sure that several more of my blog posts will feature ducks!

  4. Pat Bumstead says:

    Fantastic pictures! And what a great primer for the ducks that will be returning in the spring, just to refresh our winter memories.

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