Crossbill Extravaganza!

Calgary photographer Tim Hopwood has joined the ranks of Bird Canada authors, and I asked him for a short introduction to go with these stunning photos of both red and white-winged crossbills. Watch for more of Tim’s photos in the coming months!

My dad was always passionate about nature and engendered in me at an early age a love of all creatures great & small. He was also a photography hobbyist & as such I have enjoyed nature & photography ever since I can remember. That said, I trace the ignition point of my serious interest in photography back to 2006 when I was backpacking through east Africa and was quite pleased with my Serengeti photos taken with my point & shoot’s 3x zoom….right up until the point a fellow traveller showed me their shots taken on the same trip with their then massive & market-leading 15x zoom. It was then & there I decided I needed a ‘better camera’ & the know-how to properly use it!

Whilst I enjoy shooting all manner of subjects, nature photography is far & away my favourite. However, I’ve been ‘focusing’ primarily on birds since March 2012 (triggered by a winter vacation to Phoenix, Arizona where I was fascinated by the numerous Costa’s Hummingbirds humming about the flowering shrubs next to our condo complex), hence my posting on this blog.

For gear, I use Canon DSLR equipment. My birding lens until Dec 2012 had been my trusty & sharp 100-400mm telephoto zoom, but has recently been replaced by the superlative 600mm f4 II prime lens which I feel has taken my shots to another level. For post-processing, I find myself part of the somewhat rarer breed who use Corel Paintshop Pro.

An Aussie by birth, I recently became a proud Canadian citizen & reside in Calgary, Alberta.

I’m very much looking forward to contributing to this blog & I hope you enjoy these introductory images of Crossbills that I’ve taken over the past month in local parks around Calgary.

Cheers, Tim.

WW-10 WW-9 WW-8 WW-7 WW-6 WW-5 WW-4 WW-3 WW-2 WW-1 RC4 RC3 RC2 RC1

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4 Responses to Crossbill Extravaganza!

  1. These photos are absolutely fantastic… beautiful birds, beautiful shots! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Really great photos, Tim! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your photos on Bird Canada.

  3. Talk about iconic crossbill images! Wow!

  4. These are terrific closeups of the Crossbills, Tim. Congratulations on your citizenship! And congrats on your new lens too. Santa was good to you indeed!