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How Many Maritimers Does it Take to Find a Downy Woodpecker False Face?

The idea that “false faces” are used by birds for predator deterrence floats in the ether between biology textbook case study and mythical meme. The idea that evolution can produce false faces compels and amazes us but because of the lack of … Continue reading

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Winter Nests

Posted by Charlotte Wasylik, aka Prairie Birder, Nests can be very hard to find in the spring, summer, or even fall. On the prairies, the best time of year to look for birds’ nests is actually in the winter. I’ve come across quite … Continue reading

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Intergrade Northern Flickers

Northern Flickers, which are common all across North America, occur in two subspecies, Yellow-shafted in the north and east, and Red-shafted in the west. In flight Red-shafted flickers show a salmon-red colour under the wings and tail, whereas the Yellow-shafted … Continue reading

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Chez Elderberry

Posted by Dave Ingram – Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We’ve finally got around to putting our suet feeders up for the winter and are starting to enjoy the regulars once again. We’ve been a bit reluctant because of the cat … Continue reading

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Woodpeckers of the Boreal Forest

Posted by Janet Plante The variety within the different species of birds we see in our neck of the woods never ceases to amaze me. Take woodpeckers for instance. We regularly see Downys which is wonderful; however their larger cousins the … Continue reading

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Itty Bitty Downies


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Wednesday Wings: Confused Hairy Woodpecker

It took this young hairy woodpecker a while to figure out how to get any food from this busy feeder, but he managed it eventually. I resisted the urge to put captions on these photos, but it was hard!

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Wednesday Wings: The Pecking Order

There is a clear order of preference at my bird feeder. These pictures were taken in a two hour period during the storm on Saturday, in this order. Squirrels get first pick, followed by the black-billed magpie, blue jay, mourning … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Flicker Cousins


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Wednesday Wings: Yard Royalty

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