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A Western Bird Comes East

Winter birding offers some of the most unexpected surprises. It also requires a bit of madness on the part of those birding, but that’s a different story. Yesterday my alarm rang in near blizzard conditions. I looked out the window, … Continue reading

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Embracing the Unexpected

The Toronto area offers surprisingly rewarding birding opportunities. Last week, we ventured out in search of shore birds and visited the usually enormously productive marshes in Whitby and Oshawa (45 minutes east of Toronto in ideal, traffic-less conditions). Sadly, when … Continue reading

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Ovenbirds Flipping Out

Stop and think of the most easily distinguished and most monotonous songsters in the Canadian woods during the breeding season. “Teacher – Teacher – Teacher – Teacher – Teacher!” Although Ovenbirds are familiar and welcome singers, they seem to be … Continue reading

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On Seeing my First Dickcissel

Before I started birding, I couldn’t understand the appeal of chasing rarities. Even semi-rarities. What could possibly justify driving for close to two hours in search of a fleeting bird? I’ll admit that I’ve followed along many a time, joined … Continue reading

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Taxidermy for Birders: Birding the Canadian Museum of Nature

Hello everyone and welcome to my inaugural post for the Bird Canada blog!  My name is David Pugh and I’m a birder from Calgary, Alberta who writes a blog named, with shocking originality, “A Calgary Birder”.  If you would like … Continue reading

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Citrine Wagtail Continues in the Comox Valley

It’s not often that one sees a once in a lifetime “life bird” like the citrine wagtail (Motacilla citreola) that showed up way back in November, 2012 alongside an unremarkable farm field road on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Found by local … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Birder Video

I was laughing so hard at this video I had to watch it more than once to get all the dialogue. Pretty sure I’ve said all of these things myself a time or two, but it made perfect sense at … Continue reading

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Morons Flush Snowy Owl To Get A Photograph

There is a great post on Birdchick’s blog today – Documenting Bad Behavior of Birders and Photographers. She’s making a point about birders and photographers who disturb the birds to get ‘that perfect shot.’ Should we be documenting their actions … Continue reading

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Where Are The Posts?

You may have noticed Bird Canada has been sadly lacking in posts lately. If someone would just give me 48 hours in each day… We have been working our tail-feathers off around here for the last two months. No time … Continue reading

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Words Fail Me Wednesday

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