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An ever growing flock

Well, here we are, another introduction and another member joining this ever-growing flock that is Bird Canada. I feel that the best way to start writing on a blog is an introduction, so here it is! My name is Matthew … Continue reading

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Report Colour-flagged Hudsonian Godwits and Whimbrels

Hi Folks, Since 2007, we have attached uniquely numbered/lettered, red color-flags to 790 Godwits and 355 Whimbrels on Chiloé Island, Chile. Godwits or Whimbrels have also been flagged in Alaska, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Manitoba, and Virginia. If you see any of these flagged … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: The Pecking Order

There is a clear order of preference at my bird feeder. These pictures were taken in a two hour period during the storm on Saturday, in this order. Squirrels get first pick, followed by the black-billed magpie, blue jay, mourning … Continue reading

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The Magpie Tree

I am beginning to think my yard is emitting some kind of weird force field, resulting in some very strange bird encounters – daily owl visits, eastern birds, hundreds of waxwings… And that’s just the last few weeks. On one … Continue reading

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Bird Monitoring, Banding and Identification Workshop

The Vancouver Avian Research Centre has just posted spring 2011 dates for their Bird Monitoring, Banding and Bird Identification Workshop. The  workshop is a 3 day action-packed introductory course consisting of presentations, specimen study, field mist-netting, banding, and processing. It has … Continue reading

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An Owl Story In Pictures

I rarely apply human emotions to wildlife, but I simply couldn’t resist for this sequence. Buster spent a half an hour watching the squirrel activity, and really gave the famous owl-swivel neck a workout!

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Bird Behaviour Question

Apparently we have a new lodger. He’s been here daily for about three weeks, so I decided if he’s going to live here, he better have a name. Meet Buster. Buster is a great-horned owl with a unique plumage, so … Continue reading

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Nature News #38

Bird News Lead-shot pellets continue to poison swans along the BC/Washington border Research paper calls for major geese cull on Vancouver Island Turkey vulture rescued in Labrador Visit by northern hawk owl brings Christmas cheer to BC birders Delta, BC … Continue reading

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Just A Dusting

I blame the cat for these pictures. Being up before sunrise is not my usual habit in the dead of winter. However. A few days ago, one of my felines decided 7:30 am was time for me to get out … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Blog Posts Gone?

Regular readers of this blog are no doubt wondering where the words went. I’ve gone from three or more posts a week, to only one on Friday, but I have a good reason. It’s November. I truly hate this month. … Continue reading

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