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Late winter/early spring birding in Vancouver

For my guest blog this month, I thought I would provide a small sample of the birds I have seen and photographed from mid-January to mid-March in the greater Vancouver region. To say that it has been warmer than the rest of the … Continue reading

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On Being Heard Above the Din

By Sharon McInnes, Gabriola Island, BC I know the Spotted Towhee squawking in the back yard isn’t actually talking to me. Still, I feel like he is, and can’t help but talk back. “Hello. What’s up?” Maybe it’s a character … Continue reading

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Here Comes Fall

September brought us into the middle of shorebird movement through Prince Edward Island. Shorebirds have been moving through on their southward migration for a while now and we were eager to get on with it by participating in a brand … Continue reading

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Summer Birding around Vermilion, Alberta

This post is a quick look at what birding looks like on the Canadian prairies in July. For more specifics, here is one of my recent eBird lists for July 2, 2014 . This Song Sparrow was singing at the Provincial … Continue reading

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Sparrows, sparrows, everywhere . . .

I remember the first time I saw a Dark-eyed Junco. We’d just moved to Gabriola Island, seven years ago, and were still busy unpacking boxes when I stopped for a break, looked out the window, and noticed several black-hooded feathered … Continue reading

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My 2014 Baillie Birdathon

Cross-post from my blog Prairie Birder: Thursday, May 29th was my “green” Baillie Birdathon which was not only the wettest but also possibly my best Birdathon so far. I decided that I’d do a “green” birdathon because I wanted to focus more on the birds … Continue reading

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Vancouver City Bird Competition and Bird Week

The past few weeks have been quite busy with respect to birds in the greater Vancouver area, but not simply because they are returning in droves. In order to draw more attention to the importance of birds, the City of … Continue reading

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Interview with Jeff Gordon, Baillie Birdathon celebrity guest birder

[This a cross-post from my blog, Prairie Birder] This year’s celebrity guest birder for the Bird Studies Canada annual Baillie Birdathon is Jeffrey Gordon, president of the American Birding Association. I’m very pleased to give you today my interview with Jeff, especially during what is a very busy time of year for … Continue reading

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Those Ravishing Red-winged Blackbirds

One of the most abundant and studied bird species in North America, blackbirds have captured the imagination of poets and musicians, from Shakespeare to Paul McCartney, for centuries. Maybe that’s because they maintain such an air of mystery – in … Continue reading

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On How to Woo a Female Finch

Frogs are croaking, insects are hatching, and the mini-daffs are in bloom. It’s spring! These days I wake to the glorious song of the House Finches, whose song first piqued my curiosity about birdsong. Did you ever wonder (as I … Continue reading

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