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The Tar Sands, a Forest, a Billion Birds

In June 2012 I submitted my concerns about Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline (NGP) to the Joint Review Panel of the National Energy Board (NEB). As I told the panel then, “Honestly, I’d rather be bird-watching, but sometimes there’s just no choice.” … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wings: Winter Doves

Last winter, I had three mourning doves overwinter in my southern Alberta yard. This is no small feat in an area where the temperature dips down to -30C a few times a winter, but they survived.  This past summer, I … Continue reading

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Blog for the Boreal

Today is Blog Action Day, with the focus on climate change and global warming. As I sat down to write this article, I glanced out my window and sighed.  A very early snowfall has covered the ground, and record low … Continue reading

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We've Been Invaded

The yard this morning is filled with hundreds of Bohemian waxwings. They’re in all the trees, all the bushes and on the fences. It’s noisy out there! They have temporarily displaced a yard full of American robins who are not … Continue reading

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Shifting Birds

A study carried out by the Audubon Society has discovered that climate change is pushing North American birds northward, with some finches and chickadees moving hundreds of miles into Canada. As the temperatures across the US have gotten warmer, the … Continue reading

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