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Birding hot spots in Metro Vancouver: Jericho Park

Song Sparrow | February 2014 With more than three years of birding and bird photography under my belt in the Metro Vancouver region, I am starting to have just enough photos and birding trips to talk about various birding “hotspots.” I have … Continue reading

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First day of Autumn

At the beginning of the month I ended up completing what was basically a Big Day. This wasn’t my original intention because all I really wanted to do was go to all my usual spots as much as possible before … Continue reading

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Early Autumn on the Prairies

While it’s still summer in Alberta, many areas in the province experienced snow yesterday (Monday). In our area, it snowed for just a short while, but then the melted away as the temperature reached a high of 5 degrees C. Here are … Continue reading

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It’s still summer, but…

It’s still summer, so my post will be short once again, but I thought I could at least share a couple of Osprey pictures with you that illustrate a great success story here in British Columbia. Both of these photos … Continue reading

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Welcome to Prince Edward Island Birding!

Welcome new Bird Canada author Ron Arvidson from Prince Edward Island who will be posting the 5th of each month. It’s wonderful to have the Atlantic birds now represented on the blog!  Ron was born and raised in Manitoba, and … Continue reading

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Breeding Birds in the Boreal forest

It’s been a busy couple of months in my house since my last post in April. A new job, a new apartment, and plenty of changes for the better in my life have really kept me hopping. Part of my … Continue reading

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Sparrows, sparrows, everywhere . . .

I remember the first time I saw a Dark-eyed Junco. We’d just moved to Gabriola Island, seven years ago, and were still busy unpacking boxes when I stopped for a break, looked out the window, and noticed several black-hooded feathered … Continue reading

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A few photos from the West coast

This month, I thought I would let the pictures do most of the talking, so to speak. There isn’t much logic to my choices, aside from the fact that I hope these photos represent a small, but characteristic sample of birds … Continue reading

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My 2014 Baillie Birdathon

Cross-post from my blog Prairie Birder: Thursday, May 29th was my “green” Baillie Birdathon which was not only the wettest but also possibly my best Birdathon so far. I decided that I’d do a “green” birdathon because I wanted to focus more on the birds … Continue reading

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Vancouver City Bird Competition and Bird Week

The past few weeks have been quite busy with respect to birds in the greater Vancouver area, but not simply because they are returning in droves. In order to draw more attention to the importance of birds, the City of … Continue reading

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