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Breeding Birds in the Boreal forest

It’s been a busy couple of months in my house since my last post in April. A new job, a new apartment, and plenty of changes for the better in my life have really kept me hopping. Part of my … Continue reading

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Happy summer holidays!

I always look forward to summer as it means lots of weekend camping in the great outdoors and I get to spend ‘quality time’ with my family, with the added bonus of getting to see some birds that I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Summer Birding around Vermilion, Alberta

This post is a quick look at what birding looks like on the Canadian prairies in July. For more specifics, here is one of my recent eBird lists for July 2, 2014 . This Song Sparrow was singing at the Provincial … Continue reading

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Bird Photo Booth Business Challenge in Toronto

Hello Bird Canada readers, from Rob Campbell. Because this is my first contribution to this cross-Canada blog, I reckon its best to start off by saying hello personally, and lead with a few words about myself. I’m an amateur bird … Continue reading

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Sparrows, sparrows, everywhere . . .

I remember the first time I saw a Dark-eyed Junco. We’d just moved to Gabriola Island, seven years ago, and were still busy unpacking boxes when I stopped for a break, looked out the window, and noticed several black-hooded feathered … Continue reading

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A few photos from the West coast

This month, I thought I would let the pictures do most of the talking, so to speak. There isn’t much logic to my choices, aside from the fact that I hope these photos represent a small, but characteristic sample of birds … Continue reading

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Roll on, Spring! – a birding photo essay

Roll on, spring!  This really is a great season for birding – lots of activity, especially in the courtship arena and all that entails – such as defending territory and chasing away rivals, through to courtship and nesting and, hopefully, … Continue reading

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Get Involved Today with Canada’s IBA Program!

A new video showcases Canada’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas Program, highlighting some of Canada’s cherished bird species, the special places they call home, and the dedicated volunteers – or IBA Caretakers – who are working to help safeguard Canada’s Important Bird Areas (IBAs).    … Continue reading

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First Captive Born Greater Sage-Grouse

Calgary, AB – One of Canada’s most critically endangered birds is one step closer to being saved from extinction. Eleven greater sage-grouse eggs, collected from the wild, have hatched successfully and are being reared at the Calgary Zoo, marking a … Continue reading

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My 2014 Baillie Birdathon

Cross-post from my blog Prairie Birder: Thursday, May 29th was my “green” Baillie Birdathon which was not only the wettest but also possibly my best Birdathon so far. I decided that I’d do a “green” birdathon because I wanted to focus more on the birds … Continue reading

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