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Shorebirding – A Week at Weed Lake (Part 1)

I started birding and bird photography in earnest in early 2012, and each subsequent year I’ve made mental notes to check out certain places at certain times to try and see certain migrants that might be passing through southern Alberta. … Continue reading

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Fraternizing with the Locals

As we work further into the Fall, those birds that have been with us from spring into late Summer, like the Warblers and Shorebirds, have mostly moved on. Now we are left with those hearty birds who live with us through … Continue reading

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On Being Heard Above the Din

By Sharon McInnes, Gabriola Island, BC I know the Spotted Towhee squawking in the back yard isn’t actually talking to me. Still, I feel like he is, and can’t help but talk back. “Hello. What’s up?” Maybe it’s a character … Continue reading

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The birds are leaving and the leaves are falling

As I am typing, more and more species are leaving not just my area, but all of New Brunswick. There aren’t any shorebirds left in Woodstock although you can still find a nice variety all along the coast, but the … Continue reading

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Birding hot spots in Metro Vancouver: Jericho Park

Song Sparrow | February 2014 With more than three years of birding and bird photography under my belt in the Metro Vancouver region, I am starting to have just enough photos and birding trips to talk about various birding “hotspots.” I have … Continue reading

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Fall Splendour – enhancing your bird photography with autumnal colours

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus I love the quote above from Camus as I wholeheartedly agree with him. Having grown up in Australia, I find the autumns here so much more vibrant … Continue reading

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Canadian Bird/Birding Groups

Especially in Canada, autumn is the beginning of fall migration any a busy time of year for many of us. One way to to learn about rare birds in your area or large concentrations of migrating species is through different … Continue reading

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Seven Steller’s Jays and a Hungry Hawk

By Sharon McInnes Gabriola Island, BC Since you’re reading this on BirdCanada, you’re probably already interested in birds. You might, like me, not only watch them but also go to some lengths to create a bird-friendly habitat in your back … Continue reading

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First day of Autumn

At the beginning of the month I ended up completing what was basically a Big Day. This wasn’t my original intention because all I really wanted to do was go to all my usual spots as much as possible before … Continue reading

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Birding the Alberta Grasslands – a photo essay

Living in Calgary in the south of Alberta, I have the great fortune to be able to spend the summer camping season in a number of very enjoyable, and very different, regions only a few short hours way: from the mountains to … Continue reading

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