Canadian Bird/Birding Groups

Especially in Canada, autumn is the beginning of fall migration any a busy time of year for many of us. One way to to learn about rare birds in your area or large concentrations of migrating species is through different forums, listservs, and Facebook groups. Luckily, there are some very good groups for the provinces and territories, below.

And for those provinces and territories without groups, it’s the perfect opportunity for a birder or group of birders to start one. I started a Facebook group for Alberta Birds in June 2012, and we’re now up to 2,019 members. It’s a great place for birders, naturalists, and photographers, and we also get a lot of members who plan to travel to Alberta for birding.

:: British Columbia (Birding British Columbia) and (British Columbia Birds)

:: Alberta (Alberta Birds)

:: Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Wildlife Photographers)

:: Manitoba (Manitoba Wildlife)

:: Ontario (Ontario Birds)

:: Quebec (BIRDS!! Quebec)

:: Newfoundland (Newfoundland Birdwatching Group)

:: New Brunswick (Grand Manan Birders) and (Birding NB Oiseau NB)

:: Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Bird Society)

:: Yukon (Yukon Birds)

:: Nunavut (Birding Nunavut)

About Charlotte Wasylik

Charlotte Wasylik is a young birder who lives on a farm in northeastern Alberta. She was delighted to be selected for a monthlong Young Ornithologists’ Internship at the Long Point Bird Observatory in Ontario in August-September, to help with fall migration monitoring. Charlotte’s blog is Prairie Birder, and you can also find her at the Facebook group she started last year, Alberta Birds, which welcomes all birders, bird lovers, and nature photographers.
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