Birding By Province or Area

Canada is a huge country with a variety of habitats, each of which have their birding specialties. The following pages give more information about birding in each province or territory, including a list of featured birds, rare bird alert phone numbers and much more. Click the provincial birds of Canada below to visit the province or territory!

Birds of BC  Birds of Alberta Birds of Saskatchewan
Birds of Manitoba Birds of Ontario  Birds of Quebec
 Birds of Newfoundland  Birds of New Brunswick  Birds of Nova Scotia
 Birds of PEI  Birds of Nunavut  Birds of NWT
 Birds of The Yukon



2 Responses to Birding By Province or Area

  1. Pat says:

    Sounds like you had an early Baltimore Oriole visiting. They’re the only orange and black birds I know of in Canada, but check out this page to make sure

  2. Jenifer Wolf says:

    saw a different kind of bird today at 4:00pm.
    We live near Creston, BC.
    The bird was orange and black, had a black beak, not short, head was striped and down the neck, with bright orange and black, speckled with orange and black, cannot find a picture of it.
    Do you know what kind of bird it would be?

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