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Rachel Lancashire lives and birds in Ennismore, ON. Groundcovers nursery worker by day, she is a freelance writer and artist in her spare time. She has had articles about birds and wildlife published in Nature Friend, GreenPrints and The Banner. Her art, inspired by birds, can be found on her blog, MyWildMuses, and in her Etsy shop, Miss Sitta's Nest.

Count on the Chickadees

You can always count on the Chickadees.  When it’s minus 20, 25, 30… and the other birds are all snugged away out of sight, the Chickadees remain.  Feathers fluffed, and calling cheerily, they flit busily about in search of the … Continue reading

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My Winter Birding Wish List

One of the things that I love so much about bird-watching is that it is a year-round hobby, and there are different birds to see in every season.  As winter approaches, I am already thinking about the birds I hope … Continue reading

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Of Little Kings and Pretty Hermits

I have come to count on seeing the tiny kinglet upon October’s arrival.  For being such busy, flitty little birds, they are remarkably punctual.  I write a monthly bird column in a local newspaper, and chose the Ruby-crowned Kinglet as … Continue reading

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Warbler Watching

Is there anything more exciting than a treeful of warblers?  Maybe just one thing – a treeful of warblers that you’ve positively identified. After several weeks of being too busy to do any birding, I finally had time off on … Continue reading

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A Half-Dozen New Doves

Over the past month or so, we have had three pairs of Mourning Dove babies in our yard.  Two from the nest nestled in the oak tree.  Two from the nest most precariously perched in the tip-top of the sumac.  … Continue reading

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Presqu’ile Provincial Park

My holidays are unsurprisingly bird-centred, and I’m at 66 species in 10 days.  Last week we visited Presqu’ile Provincial Park where we were swarmed by mosquitoes, and parts of the trail were underwater (we ended up soaked to our knees), … Continue reading

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Barn Swallow Fledglings

Happy Canada Day from the newest feathered generation! Barn Swallows nest in the potting sheds where I work and this week the young ones began leaving the nest.  As you can see, they are at a size now where with … Continue reading

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Birding on the Carden Alvar

Sleeping in always sounds so good as I anticipate a day off… but there is one thing that will make me eagerly jump out of bed at the crack of dawn on a weekend morning: birds. On the gorgeous Saturday … Continue reading

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Surrounded by Snipe

A few years ago, I discovered the snipe.  There was this strange moving sound, a rapid hu-hu-hu-hu-hu, seemingly right overhead though I could not find its source.  I had never heard one before, but wondered if it could be the … Continue reading

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Duck, Duck, Swan

Duck, duck, swan! is the best way to describe my bird sightings in the month of March.  Early in the month, I spotted many goldeneyes and a gorgeous pair of “Hoodies” (Hooded Mergansers) along the rough and rushing Otonabee River.  … Continue reading

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